About SEAC

The Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry (SEAC), formed in 1984, has primarily been an organization intended for keeping the electrochemically-inclined researchers and scholars connected. Since the formation of the Society, they have been very active in supporting outstanding electrochemical scientists with the Charles N. Reilley Award and also in the pursuit of young investigators with the Royce W. Murray Young Investigator Award.

Collage of SEAC Mebers

The Society also supports several Student Travel Awards, to offset the cost of traveling to Pittcon to present research. Historically, the Society has enjoyed networking and socialization at Pittcon, where the annual meeting is held and special symposia are organized to honor the Reilley and Murray awardees. After the special award symposium, the Society sponsors a reception, which often feels a bit like a family reunion, and dinner following reception in honor of the award winners.

As times change, active members of the society have a passion to see the Society grow and flourish by building the value proposition to new prospective members. Students can join and participate for only $10 annually, which is the price of a couple of drinks at your favorite coffee house (and far less than group meeting snack duty).

In 2019, the decision was made to move the Society into a more modern setting – both virtually by means of substantially increased presence on Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but also by offering a new website.

This website is the first pass at offering value-oriented benefits for SEAC membership. Members gain access to select job/career opportunities and even gain access to be paired with an established electrochemical scientist for our SEAC Mentor-Mentee program (a member-only offering the society is currently developing, stay tuned).

The Society operates through the kindness and generosity of volunteer staff, therefore your patience as we work through new technology will be most appreciated. Also, we could not exist and give our awards without the generous support of our Corporate Sponsors. Please do be mindful of their financial support of SEAC, which in turn, supports your research discoveries as well.

We encourage you to get involved, join SEAC, participate in our annual meetings and events, and help shape our organization for modern day appeal across the wide body of electrochemical science. The more ideas and able bodies we have involved to take on the work translates to greater membership benefits and enhanced networking opportunities. Contact us with any questions!