2023 SEAC – The Student Session in Electroanalysis

Organized by SEAC members Martin Edwards and Stephen Maldonado, the organized symposium for students was a great success.  Presenters delivered high-energy 20-minute presentations on a broad range of topics in electroanalytical chemistry, which were followed by lively discussion with the audience. Attendees were to treated to talks on topics including sensing, cancer diagnostics, nanobubbles, electrochemical imaging and electrosynthesis.

The session has a track record of showcasing researchers that go on to great things, with 2023 Royce Murray Young Investigator Award winner Professor Jeffrey Dick notable as a presenter in the first iteration of this session.  Featured Speakers were:

Left to Right: Dylan Boucher (University of Utah), Oreolua Cherebin (IUPUI), Vincent Clark (Johns Hopkins University), Eliza Herrero (University of Minnesota), Kamsy Anderson (University of Arkansas), Morgan Clark (Iowa State University), and Milomir Suvira (University of Washington).

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