Peter T. Kissinger SEAC Service Award

The Peter T. Kissinger SEAC Service Award was created by the SEAC Board of Directors in 2023 and will recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves through outstanding service to the society since its establishment in 1984.  We recognize that there are many individuals who have selflessly contributed time and talent to the Society and should be acknowledged with a separate award. The award is intended to honor a lifetime of service or a major accomplishment in benefit of the Society.

Current Awardee – 2024

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Phlebotics, Inc. + Purdue + Inotiv, Inc.

Pete Kissinger received BS degree in 1966 from Union College, Schenectady, PhD from UNC in 1970, and postdoc at KU in 1970-1972. He started as Assistant Professor at Michigan State in 1972-1975, and then was Professor at Purdue in 1975-2019. He is currently Emeritus Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Purdue. He has >250 peer reviewed publications. He founded BAS in Michigan in 1974 to fill a gap in low-cost electroanalytical instrumentation that had recently become feasible due to the development of integrated circuit operational amplifiers in the 741 formats. The first standalone cyclic voltammetry instruments and amperometric detectors for liquid chromatography were initial ‘garage products’. The product line was quickly supplemented by liquid chromatography, the first digital electroanalytical workstation (1985) (partnering with the Univ. of Illinois), and several in vivo sampling technologies for neuroscience and pharmaceutical discovery. The latter involved collaboration with the Karolinska Institute, Eli Lilly, and others. BAS was rebranded as Inotiv, Inc. in 2018 and today has over 2200 employees throughout the USA and in several EU countries. Pete retired from active management in 2007. He is a Fellow of AAAS and AAPS and was appointed a Sagamore of the Wabash by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb.

Pete first envisioned the need for SEAC given the importance of electroanalytical chemistry to academic science in the 1960s and 70s.  The field was neglected in relation to various spectroscopies and chromatography tools where organizations and awards were growing in prominence by the early 1980s.  He organized a group of experts to organize the society, create the Reilley Award, and use Pittcon as the platform for the award and supporting symposia.  This was a team effort.  Pete completed his PhD at UNC Chapel Hill and considers both Charlie Reilley and Royce Murray to be mentors.  He then pursued postdoctoral research with Ralph Adams at the University of Kansas.  All three are now represented by awards at Pittcon.  Pete’s career was uniquely divided between academia (1973-2019), entrepreneurial company creation (1974- ) and writing for trade publications.

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Award Nominations

Nominations for the Peter T. Kissinger SEAC Service Award should include a letter of nomination describing the individual’s significant contributions to SEAC, at least two seconding letters of support, and a curriculum vitae for the individual. All nomination materials will be retained by SEAC. Once nominated, the nominee will be considered for the Reilley Award for a total of three years without being re-nominated. However, an updated vitae should be given to the chair of the award’s committee. The submission of additional supporting information or a re-nomination is welcome at any time prior to the award nomination deadline listed below.

Nominations for the 2025 Peter T. Kissinger SEAC Service Award are currently open.
Nominations will be accepted until April 1, 2024

Nominations should be e-mailed as a single PDF attachment to the Award’s Committee Chair,

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Missouri S&T

Awardee History

2024Peter KissingerPhlebotics, Inc. + Purdue + Inotiv, Inc.