SEAC Poster Awards

Due in part to the generous support of our sponsors, SEAC awards to selected students for their outstanding posters in the SEAC Student Poster Session at Pittcon.

Current Awardees (Pittcon 2024)

Farbod Amirghasemi profile image/avatar
University of South Carolina
Oreoluwa Cherebin profile image/avatar
Indiana University
Emily Robinson profile image/avatar
University of Minnesota
Bronson Samel-Garloff profile image/avatar
Oregon State University

Award Sponsors


Sponsors: SEAC Student Presentation Awards, SEAC Student Poster Awards, Peter T. Kissinger SEAC Service Award

Awardee History

YearAwardee NameAwardee Institution
2024Farbod Amirghasemi
Oreoluwa Cherebin
Emily Robinson
Bronson Samel-Garloff
University of South Carolina
Indiana University
University of Minnesota
Oregon State University
2023Samuel Hanser
Nicole Walker
Saron Yoseph
University of Virginia
Purdue University
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
2022No Awardees(Virtual Pittcon)
2021No Awardees(Virtual Pittcon)
2020Blaise Ostertag
Nicole Tarolla
Eliza Herrero
Jonathan Mahlum
Adolfo I. B. Romo
Blair Troudt
University of Cincinnati
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Minnesota
Johns Hopkins University
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
University of Minnesota