Best Practices for Award Reviewers

The chair of the Awards Committee shall now encourage commonly accepted best practices for jurors, as recommended by theĀ ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry, to minimize implicit and unintentional bias in the nominations review and ranking process. Moving forward, the Chair of the Awards Committee shall distribute the following rules/process to each juror prior to review

Current Newsletter Team

The Newsletter team consists of an Editor in Chief, Regional Editors, and Students Editors.  The team coordinates quarterly newsletters to disseminate to the membership and is responsible for maintaining history and events through the newsletter.  Historically, the newsletter has been a PDF that is posted and mailed to the membership but the new website has

Website Committee

The Website Committee is responsible for building and maintaining the SEAC website in addition to assisting with social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) as well as working with the Membership and Finance Committees to ensure online payments are received, processed, and

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall consider all suggestions of the Membership for potential candidates for the Board of Directors (Officers and Directors) and shall recommend by majority vote at least one candidate for each full-term vacancy. In addition, any member willing to serve and suggested for nomination by at least ten members of the Society shall

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall consider and act upon each application for membership in the Society and shall conduct such investigation in connection therewith as it shall deem advisable. The Membership Committee shall have the power to reject or admit any applicant to the Society by majority vote. The Membership Committee may from time to time,

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee shall be charged with the responsibility of seeking nominations for the awards presented by the Society and by majority vote, determining the winner of these awards. As with all standing committees, the Awards Committee shall be chaired by a member of the Board of Directors. During the initial years of any annual


Each committee has their own group page on our website, providing a space for those groups to carry out public committee business and communications.  Some groups are open for anyone to join while others may require that you request membership, which you can do through your profile or through the committee group page.  Of course,