29th ISE Topical Meeting

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May 18, 2021 - May 24, 2021
All Day
29th ISE Topical Meeting

As the main conference motto indicates, energy and the environment probably represent the two most important challenges currently facing mankind. At the same time, although they may sound heterogeneous and wide-ranging, these topics are closely interconnected by numerous aspects and they form a unique research and development. Electrochemistry can make a significant contribution to this important complex topic in a number of unique ways. The main obstacle to the broad application of electrochemical techniques for water treatment technology is the accessibility of an affordable and, preferentially, environmentally neutral source of electrical energy. On other hand, this is closely connected with the availability of energy conversion and storage technology, enabling efficient exploitation of renewable energy sources which are characterized by intermittent supply. In certain cases, pollution treatment can be directly connected with electrical energy production, e.g. in biological fuel cells or in the reverse electrodialysis process using concentrate streams from reverse electroosmosis, among other processes. Electrochemistry also provides unique opportunities for monitoring both the pollution level and the operation of the technologies involved, as well as the development of new, related, and ideally pollution-free technologies. The combination of basic electrochemical research, electrochemical process engineering and environmental protection with renewable energy offers new and efficient approaches to a more sustainable development for the benefit of society.

Meeting Topic: Energy and water: electrochemistry in securing the sustainable society development

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