34th ISE Topical Meeting

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March 19, 2023 - March 22, 2023
All Day
34th ISE Topical Meeting

This meeting intends to provide a space to discuss topics related to electrochemistry applied to solving practical problems.

Research plays a key role in the development of society. We need to reach out to our communities and work on solving their main concerns. Energy saving, corrosion prevention and health pose challenges where electrochemistry can contribute . Alternative energy sources , such as solar cells and lithium batteries could help to the development of clean energy. Besides, corrosion and protection is one of the subjects that requires attention since its mitigation can preserve resources in several industries (construction, oil and gas, food, biomedical). Regarding health, there is an increasing demand for new advances in medical devices to enhance people’s life quality since life expectancy is continuously increasing. New and more specific devices are required and electrochemistry plays an important role in understanding and creating surface modifications.

The topical meeting will provide electrochemists the opportunity of sharing research and industry experience to integrate them with a common objective, by using electrochemistry to tackle the main challenges that we face nowadays: energy saving, natural resources preservation, health improvement.

The meeting topic will be divided as follows:

  1. Electrochemistry and health: electrochemistry and medicine. Surface modification, devices and evaluation in body-simulating environments.
  2. Clean energy: low cost and environmentally friendly solar cells and batteries and energy storage. Environmental electrochemistry.
  3. Materials’ degradation: corrosion of materials used in industry. Coatings. Surface modifications. Corrosion control and techniques to evaluate degradation. Corrosion Science and Technology. Case studies.
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