Bioanalytical Gordon Research Conference

Event #: 25
June 26, 2022 - July 1, 2022
All Day
Bioanalytical Gordon Research Conference

As the human, pathogen, and plant biospheres intersect, the need for advanced sensing and bioanalytics grows. In an interconnected world capable of large data processing, there is a strong desire to collect myriad data across many scales and environments for a variety of applications involving human health and our environment. Sensors are the critical element that links the system we wish to learn about with outputs that can be understood, processed, and analyzed. In this highly interdisciplinary conference, the week will progress through cutting edge topics that span from the smallest nanoscale elements in molecular recognition and intracellular sensing, to human scale wearable/implantable devices, to large scale environmental monitoring in agriculture and our environment. The audience for this conference are those from many research backgrounds, including chemistry and physics, to life sciences and agriculture. Participants from industry, entrepreneurs, clinicians, and practitioners are an integral part of translating cutting edge technology into the field. Students, young investigators, and established experts will come together to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in sensing and analytics at the interface between biology and devices. We firmly believe that the best resolutions to today’s pressing problems in bioanalytical sensing will be solved by inclusive teams with diverse points of view to drive innovation and creative solutions. Thus, we aim to promote equality and diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, and national origin throughout the week and during a Power Hour discussion.

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Tim Paschkewitz

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