Electrochemistry Gordon Research Conference

Event #: 18
January 9, 2022 - January 14, 2022
All Day
Electrochemistry Gordon Research Conference

Fundamental to Applied Electrochemistry: New Frontiers in Charge Transfer Theory, Electrocatalysis,Materials for Energy Conversion/Storage, Sensing and Separations


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The 2022 Electrochemistry Gordon Research Conference is the 51st installment of the preeminent meeting on advances in fundamental and applied electrochemical research. This meeting will continue the tradition of lively discussions and debates on the latest ideas that push the boundaries of electrochemistry.

This meeting will focus on new frontiers in electrochemistry. Sessions topics will include bioorganic, organic, and inorganic electrocatalytic transformations, advances in in-operando methods to study electrode processes, new electrode architectures and materials for energy conversion/storage, complex electrochemical interfaces, new strategies in electroanalytical methods, unconventional electrochemical separations, electrochemistry at the nanoscale, and advances in charge-transfer theories.

In addition to oral presentations with extended discussion periods, this meeting will also include multiple poster sessions, an open session for short talks from any attendee, a GRC Power Hour which will focus on professional development, and a separate, student-run meeting (Gordon Research Seminar on Electrochemistry) held the weekend immediately preceding the start of this meeting. These components will facilitate networking between seasoned researchers in electrochemistry and new investigators in electrochemical research.

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