Electrosynthesis Faraday Discussion

Event #: 42
July 12, 2023 - July 14, 2023
All Day
Electrosynthesis Faraday Discussion

Organic electrosynthesis initially emerged in the field of synthetic chemistry as an intrinsically green method to replace hazardous chemicals by electrons for oxidations and reductions. In recent years it has been shown to offer unique opportunities to increase conversion efficiencies and synthesize new molecules that are not accessible thermochemically or photochemically and not accessible from petroleum. It can also be used to streamline biocatalysis and chemocatalysis in biorefineries, manufacture chemicals from regional- and community-scale quantities of agricultural waste, and in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to access fine chemicals in a more efficient and sustainable fashion. Nevertheless, many of these efforts remain exploratory as a fundamental understanding of the elementary processes involved in these transformations is still lacking. This meeting will bring together synthetic chemists, physical chemists, material scientists, electrochemists, computational scientists, and engineers to harness the transformative knowledge required to develop this technology.

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Tim Paschkewitz

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