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  1. As I have most, if not all, the past newsletters as a PDF, I would like to keep the new ones as PDF as well. The on-line version would be fine is somehow printing a web page to a PDF would be doable task. I have not mastered that one yet. Sometimes it is a readable document, sometimes the margins are cut, sometimes not all pages save, etc.

    • Thanks, Petr! Based on the response so far, I think the best option will be to publish online with the ability to download as a PDF. This may prove tricky for the reasons you mention. Page breaks, margins, and formatting are difficult to control from HTML –> PDF, but there are some useful tools available that will make this possible. I am going to investigate this between now and the next issue of SEACommunications (next year). Thank you for your comment!

  2. This has changed and was updated in February 2024. Now, the “Hi, Member Name!” menu item is in the main red bar (the gray bar has been removed and added to existing main navigation links). The dropdown menu provides you with a link for Member Links, from which you can access any area of your account and/or profile.