Famous Pets (and their Electrochemical Scientists)

Dick Crooks maintained a page on his research website dedicated to famous pets (and their electrochemical scientists). Upon Dr. Crooks’ upcoming retirement, we want to preserve the content and have transferred it to the SEAC website. We expect this to grow over time. All SEAC members can add their famous pet to this list.

University of Texas at Austin
Dick Crooks' shepherds: Arko (left, June 16, 1995 - January 25, 2007); Inga (middle, RIP October 24, 2017); Allie (right, August 23, 1993 - June 2, 2006)
Arko (left), Inga (middle), Allie (right)
University of Texas at Austin
Lucky and Inga (RIP 2017)
Lucky (left) and Inga (right)
University of Texas at Austin
Mr. Anderson Pooper
Virginia Commonwealth University
Luna (left) and Rosie (right)
Reg Penner
University of California - Irvine
Abandoned puppies adopted by Hong Liu’s group - Black pup is Science, and the white pup is Nature.
Science (left) and Nature (right)
Hong Liu
Southeast University (Nanjing, China)
Introducing Bonnie and Bennie, of the Lane Baker family.
Bonnie (left) and Bennie (right)
Texas A&M University
Graeme Henkelman’s cutie: Baboo (unless he’s in trouble it's his formal name, Westley - rut roh!)
Graeme Henkelman
University of Texas at Austin
KJS Consulting
Chuck Martin's munchkin: Tony
University of Florida
Henry White's hounds: Nomar and Ozzie (Normar RIP; January 2007)
Nomar (left) and Ozzie (right)
University of Utah
Henry White's hound: Elvis
University of Utah
Henry White's new hound dog: Baley
University of Utah
Julio Alvarez's baby: Tasha
Julio Alvarez
Virginia Commonwealth University
Christy Haynes' pups: Gretel (in the front) and Durham (in the sun)
Gretel (front) and Durham (back)
University of Minnesota
Alexander Naumovich Frumkin's fido: Hank
Alexander Naumovich Frumkin
Moscow University
Chris Keating's fuzzy: Keegan
Chris Keating
Pennsylvania State University
Jay Switzer's little Rocky
Jay Switzer
Missouri S&T University
Mary Beth William's little luvs: Sam and Marcus
Sam (left) and Marcus (right)
Mary Beth Williams
Pennsylvania State University
Owen, the Chemistry Dog (RIP Owen - January 2016)
University of Notre Dame
Sealey (a Longhorn fan) belongs to previous Crooks group member Elizabeth Nettleton
Elizabeth Nettleton
University of Texas at Austin
Miss Elektra Blu ("Booboo/Monkey") [right] owned by electrochemists & Longhorns Alex Veneman (Stevenson Group) &, Emily Carino (Previously of the Crooks group); and Regilus ("Reggie/Bubba" R.I.P. 2007) [left] owned by Clayton Shallcross (previous Stevenson group member)
Regilus (left) and Miss Elektra Blue (right)
Emily Carino, Alex Veneman, and Clayton Shallcross
Hideo Tokuhisa’s (former Crooks group member): Sowaka
Hideo Tokuhisa
Royce Murray’s lil Pearl
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kwok-Fan Chow’s (Previous Crooks group member) Brandy - growing fast!
Kwok-Fan Chow
University of Massachusettes Lowell
Kevin Plaxco’s Zev.
Kevin Plaxco
University of California - Santa Barbara
Current Graduate Student: Josephine Cunningham’s Daisy (Crooks Lab?)
Josephine Cunningham
Introducing - Murphy! Ryan White’s pup!
University of Cincinnati
Leslie Sombers’ sweet Cricket!
North Carolina State University
Rescued over pandemic and named for that semi-circle plot!
Pine Research Instrumentation
Gromit is an old man (12 years old) and derpy as can be!
Pine Research Instrumentation