Link Your ORCiD and Other Socials

Another recent update to the website member profiles is a section where you can share your social media links!  Several users have asked how to share their ORCiD and other social media links on their SEAC Member profile.  We have this implemented now.  You can link the following socials:

  • ORCiD
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

If there are others commonly used, let us know and we will get them added.

To add your social links to your profile like this:

Simply login and visit your profile (click the “Hi, FirstName LastName!” in the top gray bar of the site).  Click “Edit Main Profile” then choose “Social Networks.”  Enter the username/user id for any of the listed socials and click “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the list.  That’s it – now you will have icons and links as shown above!

1 thought on “Link Your ORCiD and Other Socials”

  1. This has changed and was updated in February 2024. Now, the “Hi, Member Name!” menu item is in the main red bar (the gray bar has been removed and added to existing main navigation links). The dropdown menu provides you with a link for Member Links, from which you can access any area of your account and/or profile.

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