Centro de Estudios de Postgrado y Educacion Continua (CEPEC)

Cruz del Sur 77, Santiago, Las Condes, Region Metropolitana

The University of Santiago de Chile has a vast academic history of 173 years and is projected as a campus of excellence, with an emphasis on research and a global perspective. According to the prestigious QS world ranking, it is located among the three best universities in the country, which demonstrates the institutional academic commitment to quality and excellence that is expressed not only in the training of professionals who contribute to the country with the seal of responsibility that characterizes us, but in frontier investigations. The Center for Postgraduate Studies and Continuing Education (CEPEC), belonging to the Postgraduate Vice-Rectory of the University of Santiago de Chile, is located at the access of Calle Cruz del Su # 77 (Metro Escuela Militar), district of Las Condes. It is an establishment designed to provide physical spaces and provide support to the various programs that teach postgraduate courses at the University of Santiago de Chile.

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