Please use our official logo/seal as found on this page.  Several filetypes have been provided, including infinite resolution vector graphics (*.eps, *.ai, and *.svg).  Please do not modify any of the graphics, including re-coloring, shadows, fonts, or other graphic styles.  The graphic must be used as provided in the various formats below.

Please contact us with any questions.





Vector Graphics

These files have infinite resolution; therefore, are useful for large format display and printing (e.g., signs, banners, large displays, etc.).  Commonly Adobe Illustrator can be used to resize these as desired.  These graphics do not have a background color to them, they only contain the black elements of the logo.

Adobe Illustrator (*.ai)
Encapsulated PostScript (*.eps)
Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg)

Bitmap Images

These files have fixed resolution; therefore, should NOT be resized for ideal display.  They may be successful reduced in height and width; however increasing their height or width will lead to a grainy image and should be avoided (use vector graphics, above).

Without Background

These files have a *.png extension and do not contain a white background.  This is ideal when desiring to place a logo on a non-white background.  Using this file will not have the white background box around the logo.

500 x 500 px (*.png)
200 x 200 px (*.png)
100 x 100 px (*.png)
75 x 75 px (*.png)

With Background 

These files have a *.jpg or *.jpeg extension and contain a solid white box/background around the logo.  This type of file tends to be more highly compressed (smaller file size) and is useful when placed on graphics of a white background.

500 x 500 px (*.jpg)
200 x 200 px (*.jpg)
100 x 100 px (*.jpg)
75 x 75 px (*.jpg)