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  • Yildiz Technical University
  • Istanbul/Turkey
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Degree Year2019

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  • Istanbul Gelisim University
  • Istanbul/Turkey
  • Asst.Prof.Dr.
Work DescriptionWorked as an assistant professor at Istanbul Gelisim University. Lectured in chemistry, microbiology and sterilization principles, sterilization and disinfection methods and medical laboratory quality control standards. I have experience in teaching both online and face-to-face. I have received various educational training in order to provide students with a more effective online experience. Furthermore, I created and managed a university-supported project code DUP-111119-DUB called “Development of Glucose Meter Borate Sensor” at the same time. Istanbul Gelisim University/ Turkey Board Member (1st March 2020 – 10th Dec 2020) I served on the board of directors of the “Life Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Application and Research Center”. In the process of establishing an R&D laboratory on behalf of the center, I provided consultancy on purchasing the necessary chemicals and devices and placing them in the laboratory. I actively contributed to the approval and improvement process of examining projects in the centre and mentored university academic members. I also contributed to the organisation of various e-conferences during the pandemic process by inviting various scientists to the R&D centre. Istanbul Gelisim University/ Turkey Assistant Manager (1st June 2020 – 10th Dec 2020) I worked as an assistant manager in the “Sustainable Environment and Community Research and Application Centre,” and took an active role in arranging meetings and in determining zero waste policies at the university. Istanbul Gelisim University/ Turkey Field Editor (1st June 2020 – 10th Dec 2020) I worked as the field editor of chemistry in the international engineering journal of the university (International Journal of Engineering Technologies (IJET), ISSN 2149-0104 | e-ISSN 2149-5262).
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