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Joining SEAC comes with some advantages.  While we are a fairly low-key organization, focused intently on our annual events during Pittcon, we are building our scope.  We hope to add value to a membership over time.  Adding value means that members must perceive they have an advantage over others who haven’t paid for something.  Simply put, we plan to bring this concept to our site as one of the ways in which to add value.  For now, things like society voting, member-only award nominations forms, and peer networking are only available to paid members in good standing.  The content in this section will require that you are a paid member in good standing.

Only members have access to:

  • Online Forms (voting, awards nominations, etc.)
  • Opportunities (job postings, networking engagements)
  • Mentoring Resources
  • SEAC Recommendations – user curated resources for the electrochemically inclined

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