Membership Levels

There are several memberships available to you.  All memberships come with the same benefits such as full website access (including profile, groups, networking, mentoring, resume/CV sharing, member-only event invitations, etc). The choice of level depends on your current position in the field (student, faculty, industry, etc.) and whether you want to consider your membership a supporting contribution to SEAC (lifetime membership, for example).


Student Membership

Membership dues are $10/year


Student members enjoy access to all SEAC website content, at a significantly lower cost (less than group meeting snacks!). For $10 per year, students show their commitment to the organization and also express their interest in the engagement and networking opportunities, afforded through membership in SEAC.  Tell all your friends!

Regular Membership

Membership dues are $30/year


Show your support to SEAC with the purchase of an annual regular membership.  For $30 per year, gain full access to the website, which includes a secure space to network, mentor, exchange opportunities, and work together on projects.

Lifetime Membership

Membership dues are $300 one time


One of the ways in which you can both preserve your legacy and help stabilize SEAC for generations to come is with your lifetime membership contribution.  With a $300 payment, you can secure your place in the annals of SEAC history and establish yourself as a true supporter of our causes.  You gain access to all member features of this website (like networking, mentoring, opportunities postings, voting, and nominations, etc.) like with Regular membership, but your make your intentions and commitment just that much stronger with a Lifetime Membership.