Board of Directors

The property, business and affairs of the Society shall be managed and controlled by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall have the power to certify the election of the Officers and Directors of the Society by the Membership; to replace Officers and Directors in the event of death, disqualification, resignation, or removal for cause; to appoint Committees; and in general to exercise all powers which are not reserved to the Members by these Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation. The Board of Directors may accept on behalf of the Society any contribution, gift, bequest, or devise for the general purposes or for any special purpose of the Society. The Board of Directors may, by resolution, prescribe and determine from time to time the amount of initiation fee and annual assessments, if any, payable to the Society by Members, as well as such other fees as it shall deem to be appropriate, and shall designate the time and manner of payment thereof.  Members electrode to the board serve five year terms.  Three new board members are elected annually. Board of Directors terms run July 1 to June 30 of the indicated years.

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Current Board of Directors

Term: 2021 – 2026

Stony Brook University

Term: 2020 – 2025

University of Arkansas
University of Kansas

Term: 2019 – 2024

University of Cincinnati
Pine Research Instrumentation
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Term: 2018 – 2023

North Carolina State University
Berry College
Iowa State University

Term: 2017 – 2022

Wittenberg University
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
The Ohio State University

Term: 2016 – 2021

Colorado State University
University of Illinois
Kansas State University
Imperial College London
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Board of Directors History

Years Director Director Director
2015 – 2020 Ingrid Fritsch David Wipf Michael Heien
2014 – 2019 Tim Paschkewitz Erin Gross Michael Johnson
2013 – 2018 Lane Baker Leslie Sombers Bo Zhang
2012 – 2017 Rose Ann Clark Stephen Maldonado Greg Swain
2011 – 2016 David Cliffel David Cunningham Jill Venton
2010 – 2015 Shigeru Amemiya Antje Baeumner Franics Zamborini
2009 – 2014 Philippe Buhlmann Jon Kirchoff Shelley Minteer
2008 – 2013 Katherine Ayers Daniel Fedheim Jean-Michael Kauffmann
2007 – 2012 Robin McCarley Keith Stevenson Cynthia Zoski
2006 – 2011 Corol Korzeniewski Richard Van Duyne Mary Beth Williams
2005 – 2010 Eric Bakker Stephen Creager Judith Faye Rubinson
2004 – 2009 Leonidas Bachus Jonathon Howell William LaCourse
2003 – 2008 Ingrid Fritsch Tom Ridgeway Petr Vanysek
2002 – 2007 Werner Kuhr Craig Lunte Joe Maloy
2001 – 2006 Larry Bottomley Samuel Kounaves James Rusling
2000 – 2005 Loy Coury Howard Dewald Greg Swain
1999 – 2004 Andrew Gilicinski Harry Mark Adrian Michael
1998 – 2003 Richard Baldwin Susan Lunte Marc Porter
1997 – 2002 Craig Bruntlett Johna Leddy Dennis Tallman
1996 – 2001 James A. Cox Richard M. Crooks Debra R. Rolison
1995 – 2000 James Anderson Marcin Majda Robert Rodgers
1994 – 1999 Edmond Bowden D. Jed Harrison Joseph T. Hupp
1993 – 1998 Daniel A. Buttry Gary D. Chrstian Andrew G. Ewing
1992 – 1997 Neal R. Armstrong William E. Geiger Joseph G. Gordon
1991 – 1996 Anna Brajter-Toth Royce Engstrom Bruce Parkinson
1990 – 1995 Hector Abruña Therese Cotton Charles R. Martin
1989 – 1994 C. Michael Elliot Mark E. Meyerhoff Joseph Wang
1988 – 1993 James Q. Chambers Robert J. Nowak William G. Peterson
1987 – 1992 Richard Durst Fred M. Hawkdridge Arthur T. Hubbard
1986 – 1991 Richard L. McCreery Barry Miller George S. Wilson
1985 – 1990 Henry N. Blount III Richard P. Buck R. Mark Wightman
1984 – 1989 Larry R. Faulkner William R. Heinemann Stephen G. Weber
1984 – 1988 Dennis C. Johnson Peter T. Kissinger Joseph T. Maloy
1984 – 1987 Dennis H. Evans Theodore Kuwana Janet G. Osteryoung
1984 – 1986 Stanley Bruckenstein Royce W. Murray Robert A. Osteryoung
1984 – 1985 Ralph Adams Fred Anson Allen J. Bard