SEAC depends on strong and capable leaders to navigate the needs of the Society. The terms and cycles of each elected office are as follows: the Secretary and the Treasurer shall each serve a two-year term concluding on June 30 of the next even numbered year. The President-Elect shall serve a one year term. On July 1 of the next odd numbered year the President-Elect shall automatically assume the office of President and serve a two year term until June 30 of the next odd numbered year. At the conclusion of this two year term as President, the incumbent President shall automatically become Past-President and serve a one year term in this office until June 30 of the next even numbered (election) year.

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Texas Tech University

The President shall be the principal executive officer of the Society and shall in general supervise and control all of the business and affairs of the Society and develop policies, procedures, practices and programs for furthering its interests. He [sic] shall preside at all meetings of the Members of the Society and of the Board of Directors.


University of Washington

During his [sic] tenure the Past-President shall perform the duties of the President during any period when the latter is unable to serve.


Not Yet Elected

During his [sic] tenure the President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President during any period when the latter is unable to serve.


Virginia Commonwealth University

The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Members of the Society and of the Board of Directors and shall record all votes and keep the minutes of such meetings in one or more books provided for the purpose. He [sic] shall administer the voting by mail of members of the Society and shall serve as inspector of voting.


Vanderbilt University

The Treasurer shall be responsible for and have supervisory custody of all the funds and securities of the Society subject to such regulations as may be imposed by the Board of Directors. When necessary or proper, he [sic] may endorse on behalf of the Society for collection, checks, notes, certificates of deposit and other obligations, and shall deposit the same to the credit of the Society at such bank or banks or depository as the Board of Directors may designate.

Leadership History

Years President Secretary Treasurer
2019 – 2021 Bo Zhang Marianne Collinson Dave Cliffel
2017 – 2019 Philippe Buhlmann Faye Rubinson Petr Vanysek
2015 – 2017 Shelley Minteer Faye Rubinson Petr Vanysek
2013 – 2015 Adrian Michael Faye Rubinson Petr Vanysek
2012 – 2013 Johna Leddy Faye Rubinson Petr Vanysek
2011 – 2012 Johna Leddy Jon Howell Petr Vanysek
2009 – 2011 Richard Durst Jon Howell Petr Vanysek
2007 – 2009 Sue Lunte Jon Howell Johna Leddy
2006 – 2007 Andrew Ewing Jon Howell Johna Leddy
2005 – 2006 Andrew Ewing Rick Baldwin Johna Leddy
2004 – 2005 Henry White Rick Baldwin Johna Leddy
2003 – 2004 Henry White Sue Lunte Johna Leddy
2002 – 2003 Mark Meyerhoff Sue Lunte Johna Leddy
2001 – 2002 Mark Meyerhoff Sue Lunte Joseph Maloy
2000 – 2001 Stephen G. Weber Sue Lunte Joseph Maloy
1999 – 2000 Stephen G. Weber Andrew Ewing Joseph Maloy
1997 – 1998 R. Mark Wightman Andrew Ewing Joseph Maloy
1998 – 1999 R. Mark Wightman Joseph Maloy Joseph Gordon
1995 – 1997 Richard McCreery Joseph Maloy Joseph Gordon
1994 – 1995 Dennis Evans Joseph Maloy Joseph Gordon
1993 – 1994 Dennis Evans Joseph Maloy Frank Schultz
1991 – 1993 Royce Murray Joseph Maloy Frank Schultz
1989 – 1991 Barry Miller Joseph Maloy Frank Schultz
1988 – 1989 Peter Kissinger Joseph Maloy Frank Schultz
1987 – 1988 Peter Kissinger Joseph Maloy Larry Faulkner
1986 – 1987 Janet Osteryoung R. Mark Wightman Larry Faulkner
1985 – 1986 Joseph Maloy R. Mark Wightman Larry Faulkner
1984 – 1985 William Heineman Janet Osteryoung Larry Faulkner