SEAC depends on strong and capable leaders to navigate the needs of the Society. The terms and cycles of each elected office are as follows: the Secretary and the Treasurer shall each serve a two-year term concluding on June 30 of the next even numbered year. The President-Elect shall serve a one year term. On July 1 of the next odd numbered year the President-Elect shall automatically assume the office of President and serve a two year term until June 30 of the next odd numbered year. At the conclusion of this two year term as President, the incumbent President shall automatically become Past-President and serve a one year term in this office until June 30 of the next even numbered (election) year. 


Lane Baker profile image/avatar
Texas A&M University


Carol Korzeniewski profile image/avatar
Texas Technical University


Leslie Sombers profile image/avatar
North Carolina State University


Maryanne Collinson profile image/avatar
Virginia Commonwealth University


David Cliffel profile image/avatar
Vanderbilt University

Leadership History

2025 - 2027Leslie SombersMaryanne CollinsonDavid Cliffel
2023 - 2025Lane BakerMaryanne CollinsonDavid Cliffel
2021 - 2023Carol KorzeniewskiMaryanne CollinsonDavid Cliffel
2019 - 2021Bo ZhangMaryanne CollinsonDavid Cliffel
2017 - 2019Philippe BuhlmannFaye RubinsonPetr Vanysek
2015 - 2017Shelley MinteerFaye RubinsonPetr Vanysek
2013 - 2015Adrian MichaelFaye RubinsonPetr Vanysek
2012 - 2013Johna LeddyFaye RubinsonPetr Vanysek
2011 - 2012Johna LeddyJonathon HowellPetr Vanysek
2009 - 2011Richard DurstJonathon HowellPetr Vanysek
2007 - 2009Susan LunteJonathon HowellJohna Leddy
2006 - 2007Andrew EwingJonathon HowellJohna Leddy
2005 - 2006Andrew EwingRichard BaldwinJohna Leddy
2004 - 2005Henry WhiteRichard BaldwinJohna Leddy
2003 - 2004Henry WhiteSusan LunteJohna Leddy
2002 - 2003Mark MeyerhoffSusan LunteJohna Leddy
2001 - 2002Mark MeyerhoffSusan LunteJoseph Maloy
2000 - 2001Stephen WeberSusan LunteJoseph Maloy
1999 - 2000Stephen WeberAndrew EwingJoseph Maloy
1997 - 1998R. Mark WightmanAndrew EwingJoseph Maloy
1998 - 1999R. Mark WightmanJoseph MaloyJoseph Gordon
1995 - 1997Richard McCreeryJoseph MaloyJoseph Gordon
1994 - 1995Dennis EvansJoseph MaloyJoseph Gordon
1993 - 1994Dennis EvansJoseph MaloyFrank Schultz
1991 - 1993Royce MurrayJoseph MaloyFrank Schultz
1989 - 1991Barry MillerJoseph MaloyFrank Schultz
1988 - 1989Peter KissingerJoseph MaloyFrank Schultz
1987 - 1988Peter KissingerJoseph MaloyLarry Faulkner
1986 - 1987Janet (Osteryoung) JonesR. Mark WightmanLarry Faulkner
1985 - 1986Joseph MaloyR. Mark WightmanLarry Faulkner
1984 - 1985William HeinemanJanet (Osteryoung) JonesLarry Faulkner