New SEAC Service Award

At the 17 November 2023 virtual Board of Directors meeting, Susan Lunte, Stephen Weber, Carol Korzeniewski, Stephen Maldonado, David Cliffel, Bo Zhang, and Lane Baker proposed that a new SEAC Award for Service to the Society be created. The following proposal was passed by majority of Board of Directors members in attendance:

Proposal for a SEAC Award for Service to the Society

This is a proposal to establish a new SEAC award that will recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves through outstanding service to the society since its establishment in 1984. We recognize that there are many individuals who have selflessly contributed time and talent to the Society and should be acknowledged with a separate award. The award is intended to honor a lifetime of service or a major accomplishment in benefit of the Society.

Timing of the Award

We propose that in the first year (2024), the award will be known as the SEAC Service Award with Pete Kissinger being the first honoree as one of the founders of SEAC and a major contributor to the SEAC endowment and establishment of the Reilley award. The following year, the award will be renamed the Kissinger SEAC Service Award. Nominations for the 2025 award would be due at the same time as the Reilley and Murray YI awards. The C.N. Reilley commitee will be responsible for the initial selection of awardees until a selection commitee of at least three past SEAC service award recipients can be constituted. This new commitee will then choose the awardee in the following years. The award will be presented annually at Pitcon at the SEAC award symposium. The recipient will receive a medal and $1000. The awardee will be invited to give a short speech during the SEAC banquet at Pittcon.

There is now a page dedicated to the SEAC Service Award. Congratulations to Peter Kissinger!

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