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Welcome to the new SEAC website!  We are so pleased to have you here.  There are so many things to see and do, so please take your time exploring.  Since the site is new there may be some jagged edges here and there.  Please don’t worry – but do feel free to let us know!

It has been many years since SEAC has significantly updated their internet presence.  For countless years, Sam Kounaves has developed and maintained our old website. We cannot thank him enough for the years of service he has given to SEAC. Thank you, Sam!  As with anything on the internet, it is time for a refresh.  We will never forget our classic website.  While almost everything has been carried over to the new website, the content of the old website will continue to be accessible; however, will now forward to our new home at

Here is a short list of new and exciting aspects of this website:

  • New member profiles.  While maintaining yet another social profile is probably low on your list or priorities, take the time to briefly fill in pertinent details of your SEAC profile.  It’s a very easy way to start networking within the organization.
    • All website users can create a profile.
    • Members get the added bonus of badges to indicate their relationship, service, and history with SEAC.
    • Highly customized member profiles – upload your photo, customize your background, describe your background, brag a little…make connections, and more!
    • All new member directory, categorized by Membership Level
    • Integration, integration, integration.  Core of the new SEAC website is their members, and more specifically, their member profiles.  Groups and committees, directories, and more all hinge on members and their profiles.  So edit your profile today!
    • Your membership is now associated with your user profile!  You’ll see a Membership tab where we are using modern tools to help us keep track of our membership and any members who have upcoming payments due (Lifetime installment, Regular annual dues, Student annual dues).  You can even view your invoices and prior payments right on your profile.
    • To prevent spam and unnecessary email, member-to-member communication and messaging has been kept on this website.  Yes, this means you might have to login more often to view messages, but hopefully by keeping your email address from facing public will help combat spam and unwanted emails.
  • Events calendar.  Typically, we have held information about upcoming events (like conferences) in the SEACommunications newsletter.  While we will continue to do that, we’ve now added an events calendar, with download to calendar links, for more modern integration.  Want to list your event?  Members can easily add their events to the calendar.
  • Members only content.  When you are paid member to an organization, you should get some benefit for that.  We are working on bring that to you!  This new website has several areas that are only accessible by paid members in good standing, such as forms (award nominations, polls, election ballots), Opportunities (job-postings including academic and industry positions) that are neatly tucked away for just SEAC members to see, and SEAC Member Recommendations – curated list of useful resources for the electroanalytically minded.  Of course, you have to have a website account and be a member to even view these links!
  • Sponsors page.  Generous sponsors help keep SEAC running – from sponsoring awards to supporting our programming.  Without their ongoing contributions, we would not be able to offer you such rich content.  We felt it imperative to give them a page of their own.  Do give them your business, please!
  • Groups and Committee pages.  Now, each official (and non-official) group or committee of SEAC have their own group space carved into the website.  It might be a space for collaboration, for sharing sensitive information, advertising, or many other not-yet-realized capabilities.
  • Dedicated Awards pages.  Each award SEAC offers now has its own page with current awardee highlighted and a history of previous awardees.
  • SEACommunications Online.  At present, we will likely still stick with posting a PDF to our website; however, the new site provides us with some easy newsletter drafting tools so it’s possible we might someday go back to online editions.  We will slowly add the archives to the website.  Do not be surprised if that takes some time to accomplish.
  • Elected Leaders and Board of Directors now have their own prominent pages.  Get to know the folks who you have elected to SEAC.
  • Photo Gallery.  As you will see, we don’t have a very rich archive of galleries.  Help us change that!  Contact us if you can share photos from prior SEAC-related events.  We will work with you to acquire the photos and details (if you can remember them)!
  • Site Activity Page.  As mentioned before, it can be daunting to stay current with yet another social-type platform.  That’s not our goal and to help you quickly get caught up to speed, you can review the searchable activity page with a few filters to show you what’s happened since you were last online.

Thanks again – and we welcome all the feedback, constructive criticism, feature requests, and willingness to help.  All of us are busy and all of us are volunteers – but many hands makes the work light.  If you would like to help maintain the website, even in a specific area, or have experience working with WordPress, we would love to have you help us maintain the site.  Please send us a message with your interest and we will follow up with you.  It’s really a lot of work, but we hope it will be worth it!

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