Link your account to Google

Having a username and password for websites can get cumbersome.  It’s easy to forget your login and password, especially when you need it the most.  Members have asked for a way to sign in to with their Google account.  Look no further – the feature is here!  There are several ways to link your account, all are equal.

Option 1 – Sidebar Link

In the top right of the site header, you’ll see a large red button labeled “Login/Account.”  Click it and it opens a sidebar.  Here, login with your username and password (link provided in case you forgot) as normal.  Once logged in, click the same Login/Account button. 


Now, you’ll see an entry in your Member links “Link/Unlink with Google.”  Clicking this link take you to your profile settings page, where you can click the “Link to Google” button.  Follow the prompts to link your Google account with your account. 

Now, you can login to with Google by clicking the “Login with Google” button instead of using your old site username and password!

Option 2 – Top Navigation Bar Link

Similarly, once you login to using your SEAC username and password, you’ll see your profile avatar (image) and a message in the top navigation bar saying “Hi, Firstname Lastname!”  Dropdown this menu and find the “Link/Unlink to Google” link, taking you to the same place in your profile to make the link as above.

Now that you’ve linked your account, you can just click the “Login with Google” button instead! Of course, contact us with any questions.

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