Simplified Website Profiles

When this new website was launched in 2021, the idea was to offer each member a rich profile space.  These member profiles could serve as a digital benefit to membership – connection to other SEAC members online!  The idea was to foster putting a face to the names that one reads on papers – namely for students to start building their network.  The profiles haven’t yet caught on and perhaps part of the issue is that there are already far too many spaces online where folks can build and maintain a profile.

This last month, we redeveloped these user profiles.  Here’s what we did:

  • Removed the large header image.  We felt that this caused users to immediately have to scroll down to view anything important.  While the header image can be helpful to convey something about the member, it wasn’t necessary and have been removed.

  • User Badges.  When you visit a member profile, you’ll see badge(s) under their avatar (profile image).  There are badges for membership level designation and for participation in committees, leadership, and board of directors.  The website and administrators assign these badges as appropriate – no action is needed on your part.

  • Social Profile.  In the upper right corner of the profiles, users can now display their social links including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and ORCiD.  Many users already maintain professional presence on these platforms (namely, ORCiD), so why not login > Profile > Edit Main Profile > Social Networks and provide your social network username/ID (not the website).  Then, the social buttons in the profile will appear and take you to your other spaces online.

Login to your membership account today and update your profile!  Connect with other members and help us build a member benefit by sharing a bit about your self and putting a face to the name.  Remember, you can also link your SEAC website account to Google.  Doing so will enable you to login to our site via your Google login.  One less username and password to maintain!  As always, please provide us with your ideas and additional feedback.  This is your website, so let’s work together to make it work for all members and for the organization.

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