Current Newsletter Team

The Newsletter team consists of an Editor in Chief, Regional Editors, and Students Editors.  The team coordinates quarterly newsletters to disseminate to the membership and is responsible for maintaining history and events through the newsletter.  Historically, the newsletter has been a PDF that is posted and mailed to the membership but the new website has made all-digital newsletters available.

Editor in Chief

Takashi Ito profile image/avatar
Kansas State University

Student Editor(s)

Thomas Clarke profile image/avatar
Purdue University

Regional Editor(s)

Eric Bakker profile image/avatar
University of Geneva
Francisco Ibañez profile image/avatar
Universidad Technologica Nacional
Eiichi Shoji profile image/avatar
University of Fukui
Alan Bond profile image/avatar
Monash University

Website Team

Samuel Kounaves profile image/avatar
Tufts University
Tim Paschkewitz profile image/avatar
Pine Research Instrumentation

Newsletter History

2018 – 2019Maral MousaviStudent Editor
2018 – 2019Elena MontotoStudent Editor
2015 – 2018Jeffrey DickStudent Editor
2014 – 2015Tessa CarducciStudent Editor
2012 – 2014Xu U. ZouStudent Editor
2012 – 2013Trish Hredzak-ShowalterStudent Editor
2011 – 2015Philippe BuhlmannEditor in Chief
2009 – 2010Faye RubinsonEditor in Chief
2002 – 2008Anna Brajter-TothEditor in Chief
1997 – 2001Debra RolisonEditor in Chief
1989 – 2018Yoshio UmezawaRegional Editor
1989 – 2011Karl CammannRegional Editor
1988 – 1996Richard DurstEditor in Chief
1985 – 1987William GeigerEditor in Chief