SEAC: A Student Session in Electroanalysis

This page describes the organized session at Pittcon, SEAC: A Student Session in Electroanalysis. Here you will learn about the session and if you are a student or post-doctoral researcher, you may submit an abstract for review and consideration of this session. There is a link below to the abstract submission form.

Session Description

SEAC – The Student Session in Electroanalysis is an organized session at Pittcon showcasing new talent in electrochemistry. The spirit of this session is to highlight young and emerging talent in the field of electrochemistry and to facilitate networking with each other and the greater electrochemical community represented by SEAC. The session features seven selected talks by talented graduate and post-doctoral researchers, discussing advances in a wide range of both fundamental and applied topics in electrochemistry including, but not limited to, potentiometry, electrocatalysis, electrochemical nucleation and growth, electrochemistry of nanomaterials, electrochemical biosensors, electrochemical imaging, electrochemical separations, and energy conversion technologies.

Session Details

Each talk will be 20 minutes, including a brief amount of time for question and answers. Abstract selections are made solely in regards to the quality of the submitted abstract, (i.e., not the CV of your advisor). If you (will) complete your research/work and transition from your current laboratory to a new organization before Pittcon begins, you are still eligible to speak in this session.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Electroanalytical chemistry strongly benefits from the contributions of people from all backgrounds, including different genders, races, and religions. This session encourages contributions from a diverse range of presenters, including those with non-traditional backgrounds and from non-traditional institutions.

Funding and Support

The organizers are unable to provide financial support for travel, accommodations, or attendance at Pittcon. Applicants are encouraged to seek alternative/additional forms of financial support (e.g., from your organization and/or advisor). There may be limited and competitive funding available from SEAC. The Pittcon organization has provided complimentary entry to presenters in previous sessions; however, this neither known nor guaranteed at future Pittcon conferences.

Session Organizers

Stephen Maldonado profile image/avatar
University of Michigan
Martin Edwards profile image/avatar
University of Arkansas

Abstract Submission Deadline

Abstracts must be submitted by midnight (ET) on Friday, 7 June. The abstract submission form will close after this deadline.

Abstract Submission Form

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