Submit a Memory to the Remembrance Wall

SEAC wishes to honor the electrochemists who have passed on. Their legacy, accomplishments, and service will never be forgotten. If you wish to publicly share a memory or story about a passed electrochemical hero, use this form to submit your details. All submissions will be reviewed before they are posted to the SEAC Remembrance Wall. We do not allow anonymous submissions and your post on the Remembrance Wall will contain your name, link to your profile, and profile image if available.

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When we display your memory, we stylize the signature with your name. If you are a member, we will link your name to your member profile and include your profile image. If you are not a member, we will not link your name but will add your organization. All signatures start with "Contributed by". If you would like to add more to this byline, such as "friend of..." or "Bard group alumn (early 1990's)", etc. then add the extra text here (optional).

When you submit a memory with this form, it will appear in online (either instantly or after review). Additionally, it may appear in an issue of SEACommunications, as we often write a memoriam with a collection of memories, after we have lost a notable electrochemical scientist.