The Future of SEACommunications

The new website enables many tools that were not previously available to SEAC.  For example, the new site brings about a codified and consistent efficiency to the way in which we do things.  Those who came before managed the organization as best they could, given the society’s resources and member’s own valuable (lack of) time.  

This new efficiency, for example in having our website manage membership and membership renewals, allows each SEAC member to focus their precious time on programming, networking, and activities instead of headache-inducing ways of managing society data, communications, records, etc.  There is a great deal of untapped potential in the new website. I digress.  I recall at a previous social event (perhaps it was the virtual SEAC reception on Zoom in March 2021), Debra Rolison sharing a bit of SEACommunications (the newsletter) history (as best Tim Paschkewitz can remember it):

…It started as a printed publication, physically mailed to each member, then morphed into an online (early internet days) version, after which it was produced as a PDF and emailed to members as an attachment. The most recent method of publishing and distributing SEACommunications is by posting a downloadable link to the PDF version of the newsletter on our website and informing the membership a new issue was posted to the website (for them to download). So, here we are in 2021, considering whether moving SEACommunications to an Online publication model makes sense (like it did thirty years ago). Those were different internet times and the tools we have available now were hardly even imagined back in the early 1990’s.

Before we make any decision, we want to ask you, the members.  There is a proposal to publish SEACommunications directly on our website instead of as a Word document that gets converted to a PDF and uploaded to our website for you to download. Please review the two options for SEACommunicattions 37(2),  June 2020, by clicking the buttons below.  Come back and vote for your preference below.  Please submit your vote by 31 December 2021.

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2 thoughts on “The Future of SEACommunications”

  1. As I have most, if not all, the past newsletters as a PDF, I would like to keep the new ones as PDF as well. The on-line version would be fine is somehow printing a web page to a PDF would be doable task. I have not mastered that one yet. Sometimes it is a readable document, sometimes the margins are cut, sometimes not all pages save, etc.

    • Thanks, Petr! Based on the response so far, I think the best option will be to publish online with the ability to download as a PDF. This may prove tricky for the reasons you mention. Page breaks, margins, and formatting are difficult to control from HTML –> PDF, but there are some useful tools available that will make this possible. I am going to investigate this between now and the next issue of SEACommunications (next year). Thank you for your comment!

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